Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fear mongering

Ok just a few quick thoughts (rants) here, not going to take all night....

Is it just me or is anyone else noticing a trend in politics? Link yes, that was a rhetorical question.

Ok, so the link is more about the perpetuation of flaws in DC, let's talk more about fear mongering in DC.

Yes it goes way back. I'll start with Bush #2 though.
So he starts with it back on 9-11. We get a war on terror, then a war in Iraq. All because we fear what might happen (WMD, terrorists, evil rulers, etc.) Yes the people did call for it, I partly blame the US citizens, and the media for allowing it to perpetuate.
Now we have President BHO. Let's see, what's on his agenda. Government Healthcare (not reform), Climate bills, abortion rights.. hmm.. anything else?

So within the last few weeks we see media and political releases getting into high gear and saying how terrible life will all be if these bills aren't approved. Hogwash!
So today I see this article, oh hey by the way it will only be an increase of $175avg per household! With unemployment on the rise why would you be promoting a bill that is planning on raising costs per household?!?! This also coming from the White House that said 'Pass our stimulus bill to avoid an 8% unemployment'. Of which we are over 9% now. Then 'Do our budget that will only be 1trillion in deficits'. Which was later shown to be more like 3T. These people couldn't give you a straight number to save their lives! Why listen to them, I'd rather listen to credited scientists and economicists. Sure the WH gets people like them to say what they want, they control their funding purse strings. BAH! read more!

So about that health care, here is an interesting op-ed piece about the myths the WH is promoting to win over American minds. Reading some of the replies can get you thinking too.
I'm all about getting reforms in to change the cost of doing business and being insured, but his plan is the last 'reform' I would want to see America do. Smaller government not bigger. That's not the 'reform' we need.

I truly hope American's can see past the fear mongering this time. Tell their representatives that enough is enough. Back off the stimulus packages, back off climate change(global warming) bills, and back off trillion dollar deficits for health care budgets.


  1. Agreed, the fear mongering (on all sides) is getting old really fast. By their estimates, the US could collapse ANY. DAY. NOW. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES AND LEAVE YOUR MONEY WITH US!!!

    Though it must be noted that when Bush2 took office, the budget was balanced. It was he who ushered us into the trillions deficit we see today (thanks for the useless wars we didn't need or want!). Do I think it should be continued? Of course not. But it was he who started us on this slippery slope, and we're sliding pretty badly. I don't see the country recovering from it any time soon. :/

    The fear mongering, however, needs to stop. The government starts it, the media escalates it, and the citizens fall for it every time. We need to not allow it to happen in the first place... if only the same dopey voters didn't keep putting the same stupid people in office, that sure would help! *sigh*


  2. For some clarification; I will give Clinton some cred, he did well on the budget aspect. Just because the budget was better, didn't mean that it eradicated the trillions we are in the hole over (before Clinton and still after Bush.) and now 10x that with Obama.
    Yes let's end the spending spree. Do we really want our kids paying the taxes for that. I'd rather they take care of their mom and pop.